Waste Water Industry

FreChem is a supplyer of materials for gasketing ceramic pipes – worldwide.

We especially focus on our customers’ requirements, such as environmental requirements as well as requirements as to our reliability and the durability of our products.

Filter Industry

We supply all types of polyurethane products required for manufacturing industrial filters:

=> high-viscosity adhesives for cementing filter fabrics into wood, metal and plastic frames

=> low-viscosity cast resins for casting filter fabrics into wood, metal and plastic frames

=> sealing foams for sealing filter frames in situ

=> cleaning material for dispensing equipment

=> releasing agents for moulds and tools

=> primers (bonding agents) for bonding sealing foams onto plastic and metal

Automotive Industry

We will gladly elicit with you potential application areas of our products within your organisation. FreChem has a pilot plant station offering the possibility of producing prototypes and polyurethane pilot lots for you.

We will assist you throughout all stages of the release procedure – until series production and beyond.